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競賽名稱 主辦 獲獎作品 獲獎作者
The Great Short Story Contest Archives Dr. Rights 很多份 很多人
2009年Gears生日競賽 Dr. Gears Opportunity Knocks tunedtoadeadchannel
2011年SCP-1000競賽 SCP Administration SCP-1000 thedeadlymoose
2012年萬聖節競賽 TroyL Treats Dr. Gears
Canon Contest '13 TroyL Unfounded DrClef, Fantem, Photosynthetic, & Pig_Catapult
2013五個問題競賽(第一部分) Dr. Mann Iteration 0 FortuneFavorsBold
    Playing God Rikks
    Children of Doubt Roget
    a-slumber-did-my-spirit-seal Dmatix
    Bugs Giant Enemy Spycrab
Time Contest '13 Drewbear and-the-winner-is Smapti
2013年SCP-2000 競賽 SCP Administration SCP-2000 FortuneFavorsBold
Under-Appreciated Contest '14 CryogenChaos Exit History FortuneFavorsBold
    Exploded Diagram of a Young Woman Chubert
Groups of Interest Contest '14 TroyL Serpent's Hand thedeadlymoose, Dexanote, Vivax, & Zyn
Dystopia Contest '14 Reject Mission Statement Dr. Reach
Reimagining Contest '15 Moose & TroyL lucky-dinosaur Sophia Light
Short Works Contest '15 Sophia Light ●●|●●●●●|●●|● LurkD
Mobile Task Force Contest '16 Decibelles & TroyL Team Basic LurkD, djkaktus, Roget, & Doctor Cimmerian
2016愚人節荒誕小說競賽 TroyL 各位!Gears絕對不是一個機器人 Dr Solo
    the-minions-day-at-the-scp Randomini
    its-not-pronounced-like-the-thesaurus-dammit Kestin
    scp-the-anime-part-4-gears-iceberg-clef-kondraki-rights-ligh MrWrong
    orgy-5-counsel-9 TyGently
    my-loever-the-dog Zmax15
D-Class Contest '16 Decibelles & Dexanote SCP-2439 Jack Ike
    SCP-2669 Kalinin
    history Humanmale
History Contest '17 Roget SCP-2624 TyGently
now-hollow-fires-burn-out-to-black-and-lights-are-waning-low Doctor Cimmerian
SCP-3000 Contest '17 SCP Administration SCP-3000 A Random Day, djkaktus, & Joreth
10 Years Birthday SCParty '17 Dexanote Everyone Everyone
Social Media Art Contest '17 Internet Outreach Team Varied Varied
72 Hour Jam Contest '18 ProcyonLotor & ARD Varied Rimple
Doomsday Contest '18 ProcyonLotor & ARD Team Clever Gentlemen Weryllium, CadaverCommander, Modern_Erasmus, & fieldstone
SCP-4000 Contest '18 SCP Administration Taboo PeppersGhost
Halloween Contest '18 Dexanote MTF Sigma-5 "Pumpkin Punchers" Rounderhouse
cliche-con-2019 taylor_itkin & Uncle Nicolini SCP-4205 Woedenaz
SCP-3597 aismallard
SCP-4511 DrAnnoyingDog & Rounderhouse
144-Hour Jam Contest '19 ProcyonLotor & ARD SCP-4808, SCP-4804, & not-a-seagull-proposal not_a_seagull
    SCP-4290, barrels-of-prose, & sweeter-dreams-inc 9Volt
    SCP-4464, SCP-4494, & SCP-4744 Mortos
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