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SCP基金會的Creepypasta作品合輯已經轉移到其他網站上。所有由本站成員撰寫的Creepypasta作品依然可以在本站閱覽,同時我們也歡迎投稿Creepypasta。但非本站成員所寫的Creepypasta已經被轉移到 The Archive(歸檔站;英文)網站上保存,請至該站查閱。如果你有興趣協助進行歸檔保存的話,請洽詢Troy。歸檔站的成員密碼是"indigo"。如果你有任何想添加上去的條目就去做吧。


Abwesenheit by The Great Hippo

An Audience by Djoric

Cave Paintings by DexX

Clouds by minmin

Cold by Dr Gears

Daddy Long Legs by Arlecchino

field-man by Cherry Pict

Fire by TroyL

Hands by A Random Day

I Can't by Nacht Ruine

I have something to share. by tunedtoadeadchannel

Life Saver by Dr Gears

Love Springs Eternal by minmin

Meat by Corerosion

Message In A Bottle by HK-016

Monsters by Etherealize

n Drea{{m}}s-- by tunedtoadeadchannel

Pitter-patter by Corerosion

Play by Dr Gears

progress by Djoric

Smoker by Arlecchino

The Asylum by Raaxis

A Fairy Tale by psul

The Manistique Broadcast by Kalinin

The Other Side - 1 by minmin

The Ragdoll by Prattler

The Real Monsters by DrClef

the-runner by Djoric

The Tailor by Arlecchino

The Woven Man by minmin

untitled1.txt by AdminBright

You Never Visit Me Anymore by [user [Zachary Maxwell]]


Dr. Gears Storytime Entries
Surprise! Happy Birthday!
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Again.
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Once more...
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Still?
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Now, see here...
The Works of Doc Burns

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